Hotnitsa Falls

Nikopolis ad Istrum

Things to do in the Nikyup Area

Also available in the local area are Pony Trekking and Archery

Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo is a city with two personalities. First it is the Ancient Capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire with its history dating back to Roman times. From the Castle of Tsarevets, built on a hill in the bend of the River Yantra and the beautiful Churches in the old part of the town, with the quaint streets  of old houses which are all worth a visit. Then there is the new part with beautiful parks with many statues and streets of quality shopping and bars and good restaurants with traditional and modern menus

Situated only 10 km from Nikyup, Hotnitsa falls are some of the finest in Bulgaria, and with the Nature Trails and natural pool for swimmiing at their base,  they make for a great day out.

There is also a BBQ area and a kiosk selling snacks and drinks.

The Nikyup Water Melon Festival

Nikyup is famous all over Bulgaria for its water melons, and in August the Village holds its Annual Water Melon Festival. this Fun Day is a blend of the traditional and modern with displays of Melon Carving and Traditional Folk Dancing and Singing and a Disco in the evening.

 We have an Open Air Pool with sunbeds to relax on, as well as a Badminton Court for the more energetic, we also offer a selection of Ball Games as well as Table Games suitable for all ages.

Founded in the early second century by the Emperor Trajan, Nikopolis ad Istrum was a major regional centre in the eastern part of the Roman Empire. Covering over 20 Hectares you can walk the 2000 year old streets and live the history. Every year we have a Festival which includes a day of re-enactments and living history.

We can provide packed lunches if you want to make a day of it.